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Useful Tools & Links

Here is a growing list of links to websites, resources and downloads.

Blogs and Communities

Real-Time VFX : The home of real time VFX, you should have an account there!

Chimeras and Manticores : the new Tech art survival guide.

Tech Art Survival Guide - Technical art : Maya, Python, and Unity. (old version)


Houdini Information

Tokeru's CGWiki for Houdini : Extremely Useful bunch of articles about houdini tricks.

Math for Graph Information

Inigo Quilez's Articles : Good place with a lot of shader functions

Software and Utilities

DCC & Pipeline Software

Houdini : The must-have toolchain for CG VFX

Offline Utilites

ARCalc : Mathtoy for drawing 2D/3D/Color/Sound curves based on equations

RenderDoc : Graphics Debugger and Basic Performance analysis. Enables capture/replay of 3D Application frames.

Online Tools

Desmos Grapher : Equation Graph Viewer with controls and sliders

ShaderToy : GLSL Shader Creation community

VFX Asset Resources

OpenVDB Sample Files : Binary openvdb files to be used in houdini or other software.

Free Flipbook Image Sequences : Released under CC0 Public Domain License.